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Video Chat
Merging Video and Web Technology
to Offer Innovative Communication Solutions
CuWAV Web Technology

At CuWAV we have seen various emerging technologies impact our lives in many ways. Technology is being implemented in almost every sector of our lives and business structures. It does not matter which industry you are dealing in, video technology will be of use in one way or another. CuWAV has a vision for using today’s computing power, and especially mobile devices and smartphones, to generate and promote powerful, industry-leading communications products, smarter customer support, and effective service industries.

With the new worldwide threat of terrorist attacks that has triggered constant international travel alerts, CuWAV believes that the need for more accessible and reliable video communication is becoming a requirement for global business, rather than a luxury. With CuWAV’s patent pending technology, as well as our team’s diverse background and 60 years experience in video distribution and management, we can customize your system to bring video solutions to your business, while meeting all of your operational, security, management, and communication needs.

Our Products

Our products span an impressive array of the many uses of video technology. CuWAV was designed so that, with software and interface modifications, it can be utilized over a wide array of topic areas that include video management, inmate video visitation and arraignment for correctional facilities, telemedicine, technical help desk expertise, and remote video monitoring. In addition to design, we can build and oversee the implementation and operational training for all your video requirements. We believe this will allow you to offer robust customer support thereby increasing customer satisfaction and leading to greater sales.

Custom Video Products and Applications
Internet-Based Inmate Video Arraignment for Correctional Facilities
Internet-Based Medical Visits
Internet-Based Technical Support Visits
Internet-Based Inmate Video Visitation for Correctional Facilities